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Meeting in frech Embassy of Emirats Arabes Unis - January 2016


His Experiences

AJROUDI Mohamed Ayachi




Born – Gabes, Tunisia Nationality – French - Tunisian


Saudi resident from 1985


Married – 2 children








From a family of French army officers in Tunisia and Tunisian officers from independence.


Grandfather : Ahmed Ajroudi. Non-commissioned officer in French army during the 1914 – 1918 war.


Father : Major.


Uncle: Chieft of Staff.








1967 – Mr Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi began studying in the navy at Saint-Malo – Promoted to Lieutenant – 5 years of service Graduates from E.S.I (Ecole Supérieur d’Ingénieurs) in Lille with a major in hydraulics




1977 – He joins ISEE in the Pas-de-Calais region (oil and maritime company), boats, jackets, attachments, laying of pipeline etc




1980 – He buys out ISEE and creates his own company, AMIS (Artois Maintenance Industries Services). Both companies gain an international reputation for their activities in oil and also for producing highly specific material such as:


Moles Tunnel boring machines which were used in the construction of the underground network in Caracas and Lille


 En 1987 , first visit in SAUDI ARABIA of Mr BEN ALI President of Tunisian Republic





From right to left : Mr President BEN ALI - Mr BOUSSENINA BELGASSEM Ambassador of Tunisia in Saudi Arabia, Doyen of Ambassadors - Mr AJROUDI




Inventor of an underground irrigation system :


“The Portube” is a tool capable of building a football pitch in one week instead of six (winner of the LANVAR prize) Creation of the company, Portube, to produce and promote this new product; References in France: Bercy Palace References abroad: The King of Saudi Arabia’s palace, airport and public highways in Saudi Arabia




1988 - medal of merit ceremony with Prince Saud Bin Abdul Mohsen, Governor of Jeddah. 



Member of the Foundation for the Defence of Quality of Life he fights to stop the progress of the desert in Africa and the Middle East. In 1989 he was rewarded with a prize given by the Foundation of Quality of Life at GENT University in Brussels. Using his invention he is also involved in developing agriculture in Saudi Arabia.


Over the past few years Mr Ajroudi has worked particularly on developing two important projects in Saudi Arabia


Distribution and sanitization of the water system in numerous cities in Saudi Arabia, in particular Jeddah, Medina, Riyadh, Mecca and Hail.


Development of a rail network between Jeddah, Medina and Mecca, particularly useful for pilgrims and a network between Jeddah, Dammam and Riyad for freight..


He creates and manages various businesses in different Middle-Eastern and African countries:


In 1995 in Tunisia the buy out of the freight transport company SOGETRAM as part of the move towards privatisation. Several billion dinars invested in a few weeks


In 2000 in Morocco, authorisation obtained for the quarrying of a 120 hectare quarry and various negotiations in the hotel sector


A close, lasting relationship with the Suez group:




Over several years Mr Ajroudi has built up a trusting relationship with many members of the group.




Christian Prot (former representative of Campenon Bernard in Riyad then general delegate of Suez Environnement for the Middle-East until 2002). Christian Prot, who remains a close friend of Mr Ajroudi, affirms that he obtained numerous contracts thanks to him, in particular the “historic” contract in which SAFEGE was designated unique AMO for the renovation and extension of hydraulic infrastructure for the regions of Mecca/Medina/Jeddah (total cost of works: 10 billion US dollars, length of project: 10 years). The announcement of the signing of the contract made the Suez shares jump by 13% in one day on the Paris stock market.


Different set-ups currently in operation in France and abroad. In France :




MD of SA SADEG PROMOTION – Mandelieu (06) - 


Property transactions – property development and construction, Project design, Negotiation of bank loans, negotiation of supplier contracts, Supervision of sites, Marketing and sales of products in France and through the network of relations in the Middle East.




TRANSACTIONS  : Buyout of PRINTEMPS NATION in Paris, the 13th floor of the SEASIDE PLAZA in Monaco etc…




Purpose : Design, engineering and marketing of all industrial projects involving water treatment.


Delivery and installation of water treatment sites and power stations. Delivery and installation of sea water desalination sites.



President of SAS OBJECTIF PERTINCENCE - Mandelieu (06)



 Purpose: Advisory services, assistance in decision-making, design, development and marketing of all professional software (notably in the railway expertise sector).




Abroad :








Purpose: Creation, implementation, management of projects and contracts concerning railway industries outside Lebanese territory.




Managing Director of SNCFIME in Saudi Arabia. Purpose : Création, exécution, gestion de projets et de contrats liés à l’activité ferroviaire sur le territoire du Royaume d’Arabie Saoudite Managing Director of RAZIN CONTRACTING SAUDI ARABIA



President of CNIM SAUDI



Président of FERRARA LTD : Holdings in British Virgin Islands, North Africa and the Middle East.  Purpose: International business Examples: obtaining authorisation for the quarrying of a 120 hectare quarry in Morocco, contract with SAFEGE for Saudi Arabia






Mr Ajroudi is multilingual, speaking 4 languages. Over the last 25 years Mr Ajroudi has enjoyed an excellent reputation for large-scale international business. He is an expert in investment negotiations for public and private clients and now manages companies for well-known people .




He represents a precious link between the East and West thanks to his dual culture, his numerous dealings with people on a personal and professional level and his portfolio of contacts across the globe.